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We know you’ve heard it a hundred times before – everyone is claiming to be the best-in-class and one and only.

We only claim we can get things done right. The first time.

Likewise, we are here to make your ecommerce experience a breeze. Nobody said it should be that complicated to put up an online store, build up online presence, get brand awareness, loyal customers, impressive retention and skyrocketing conversion.

Let’s pretend you were longing for a team that would care more for your business and the value that its work would add to it. Let’s pretend there’s a team out there that kicks off a project with drilling down business goals versus liaising payment terms.

Then you’ve come to the right place.

World's #1 Ecommerce Platform.
English You'll Understand.
Top Notch Support.

Weird sense of humor.

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Honestly, we’ll take it from there.
Make it work.
Make it succeed.
Make it easy to love.
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There when you need us

It’s only a matter of a few months before we open up our office in California so that we can be as close to you as possible – you can never underestimate face-to-face communication. For now, we promise you we will be there for whenever you need us. Don’t take our word for granted, references are always available upon request.

Magento Certified

We know we might have gone a little over the edge with it, but our whole team hold Magento Certification – be that a Magento Frontend Developer or Magento Certified Developer Plus.

50+ projects done

We’ve been through roughly 50 Magento projects so far – at least those that we are proud of. We challenged ourselves to always tell the truth regardless which is why we put this information under a fancy animated picture.

Got questions?

Extensions, add-ons, improvements big and small,
Magento CE to Virtual Enterprise Edition upgrade
– you name it. We’ve got you covered.

Full scale Magento implementations and integrations with Payment gateways, ERP systems, third-party services. Been there, done that.


Prefer to have a whole roster at hand? Not a problem, just let us know of your preferences and business needs. Project manager is on the house.

Email marketing, customer retention, cart and browser abandonment, customer behavior patterns, product replenishment and peak season planning – we will blow your sales through the roof.


Our favourite. A solution delivered exclusively for you, your business, your budget and your needs. One of a kind.

A friendly advice, a helping hand or completely autonomous mode – pick one of the three. Hint: #1 comes for free.

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