23 ingenious tips for mastering customer touchpoints

The fast-evolving digital age states: “Ecommerce is a battlefield and a regular buyer is a prize”. All’s fair in love and war, so the merchants in every way possible strive to increase sales by setting customer touchpoints which ceased to be effective, e.g. spamming email boxes with “just-today’s-offer!”, super low discounts, promo coupons and other “inNOvative” techniques and tools.  Not surprisingly the online shoppers are becoming more sophisticated and seek for something unique.

If you really aim to deliver it, you need to understand the importance of every interaction with a client, i.e customer touchpoints. Being professional and creative, offering to-the-point service to the clients at every step of online buying – decision making, purchase process, after-sale service – is what makes a truly nifty customer experience.

In this article we’ll give you food for thought on how to build customer loyalty on every step of online buying. If you combine all tips we mention below in one strategy, your business is sure to get a crowd of loyal followers.

loyal customers touchpoints

Look beyond mediocre customer service

Pretty much every eCommerce company claims that client satisfaction is a top priority to them. But not all of them are ready to do beyond their duties to prove that. And it’s natural because daily work-hassles make us forget that there’s a living human being behind every order.

Top product quality, on time delivery, politeness and helpfulness of your sales managers, all of these are an integral part of a good customer service. But you don’t want to be good when you can be awesome, right? That’s where you’ll need individualized customer service.

Check a good example of how to give to-the-point assistance and turn your lost client into an enthusiastic follower. Or read on a touching story of the 7-year-old boy who lost his LEGO toy and got it replaced after writing an email to the retailer. It went viral as an example of outstanding customer service and shows off the recipe for delivering successful customer experience:

  • Envision a real person behind every order and help them solve the problem.
  • Talk to customers their language. Change your boring “The item will be delivered by..” into “Hey, start tracking the weather. You’ll have your new cool boat by next weekend! Happy sailing!
  • Be ready to give more than expected on specific occasions.
  • Follow up every product shipment asking for feedback and offering additional assistance.
  • Use customers’ feedback to constantly enhance your service and raise your own bar for the standard.
Materialize your brand idea

When new clients turn to us with a request to design an eCommerce website for their business, we ask them one of our regular questions: “What does your brand represent?”. As we receive answers, we see many vendors limit their brand to the company’s slogan, mission and trade mark. But atop the list should be the unique value which you deliver and share with your clients, a peculiar feature to be associated with your brand beyond the website.

All e-commerce heavy-hitters like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba use custom printed boxes for making customers associate top-notch delivery with the quality level represented by their brand. These guys behind WG Storage & Delivery wear white gloves when delivering expensive furniture as an indicative attribute of top notch service and perfect cleanliness.

Another inspiring example is a chocolate retailer Askinosie which cooked up a brand word for its delicious chocolate – Askilicious and a branded custom t-shirt of rich chocolate color.

askinosie best branding example

You can enhance brand promotion in many ways:

  • Associate your brand with a distinctive feature e.g. cleanliness, reliability, speed – and transfer it to your audience.
  • Use branded packing – shipping boxes, packages, mailer envelopes. Your name should sound familiar.
  • Think of small related products to promote your brand (T-shirts, pens, caps, cups, ect.) and present them either as a gift or complement to the product set.
Rock the unboxing experience

Many eCommerce businesses underestimate the importance of unboxing experience. But we believe it is the second key factor determining the customer’s satisfaction with a deal after the product itself. It’s something that allows eCommerce to outshine local retailers. It’s a space for surprise.

You can rock the unboxing moment by making it unforgettable. Your customers don’t see their orders being packed.  If you surprise them with small extras in their package, they are more likely to come back for the next order.

No need to look far for an example of proper boxing. Combine the useful with the pleasant and watch “Intern” movie where along the lines Anne Hathaway emphasizes the importance of many customer touchpoints including the unwrapping.

intern movie package lesson

More ideas for best unboxing experience:

  • Add a free sample, a small present, discount card,
    promo code, ect. Anything that will show that you care for your clients and give a little bit more than they pay for expect.
  • Invest in custom shipping boxes and see how it will pay off in numerous grateful reviews.
  • Get personal with your customers by signing their names and your best wishes on a box.
  • Liven up your packing with creative design.
Set up a subscription model for your customers

Subscription model is what joins your customers in the community of like-minded people and allows them to stay on top of your news and events. Let your customers feel privileged by making them a part of something awesome –a part of your brand. Give them a platform to discuss your product or exchange feedback with each other or share reviews. Engage them with the catchy content, contests, votes.

Setting up a well-considered subscription model might seem like a challenge in the beginning unless you have some marketing background and know how to put it right. If not, you may outsource it to a digital agency which is the easiest way though not a free one. Or you can run it self-paced by trial and effort while researching and googling best practices.  Luckily, with Google’s “How to…” you can save a ton of money, all you need is time and just a little bit of effort.  Or you can always reach out to us to get a couple of free practice-driven advice for your eCommerce business.

A truly remarkable example is Dollar Shave Club with its club membership and subscription model.  Within four years it has become so successful that DSC recently nailed down a 1$ billion deal when it was acquired by Unilever, which is planning to use the similar subscription model for its other brands. Just stay connected:

  • Choose a platform to create a community of brand ambassadors (Facebook or website page, or better embed one into another). Ask us how.
  • Encourage your customers to share photos, videos, reviews, feedback about you product(s).
  • Add exclusiveness to your community by giving its members privileged access to the latest promo campaigns and secret sales.
 Thank your customers heartily. We mean it.

Most likely you have an auto-reply service with a worn-out “thank you for your purchase” but honestly, it doesn’t count. Another notification email which neither sparks an emotion nor calls for a response.  The best you can do with it is to make it a part of your e-mail marketing strategy and ppersonal thank-you note to build customer loyaltyut some promotional offers in it. Still, it won’t fulfill its purpose for 100%.

The real purpose of thanking somebody is to call the native “My pleasure” reaction. Make the real pleasure to your customers by thanking them personally.

For example, Joybird sends a personal thank you note, signed by all staff that’s had a hand in creating the ordered furniture item. Here are more ideas on how to thank so as to build customer loyalty:

  • Add a handwritten note or small present to every order.
  • Include a beautiful postcard signed by your stuff.
  • Congratulate your customer on any holiday whether it’s Christmas or World Chocolate Day (11th, July).
  • Enclose a personal note on behalf of CEO for making the first 10th valuable purchase.
 Personification at every touchpoint is your ace in the hole

On average your customers make 7 touches before they buy your product. You need to know how to retain them on every step of buying process and keep them moving forward until they make a purchase. Wondering how? Tracking and personification, that is the key.

We strongly recommend our clients to use advanced eCommerce tools that allow tracking customer’s behavior on the website.  The powerful analytical tools can help you to understand what prevented visitors from making the payment and recover them if you offer a solution.

On top of that, developing and utilizing the right e-mail marketing strategy will help you not only to win back your customers, but nurture your customer relationship as well. This amazing ecommerce e-mail marketing guide would definitely help you.

  • The trivial “Hello dear Mr.X” doesn’t work anymore. Track your visitor’s behavior on a website to approach them with the relevant offer.
  • Make full use of behavior patterns.
  • Set up triggers and actions, which send personalized messages to your potential or existing customers. Feel free to ask us how, we know the ropes.
  • Segment and research your customers. Don’t waste your budget and effort on bargain-hunter’s retention but better approach your regular clients who stay loyal even without discounts.
Summing up  

Today’s online shoppers are overloaded with excessive information flow which is why it’s critically important to build effective communication with your customers on every touchpoint.

Get personal with your clients, solve their problems, gather feedback, put your heart and soul into every order and make your best to offer engaging shopping experience. The one that will make people talk about you, send their friends and relatives your way and keep them coming back to buy more just because they get fascinating customer experience.

Do brainstorm more creative ideas and put them into action. And let you business flourish and get loyal customers akin to Daenerys’ no-chances-to-count army!

Happy Selling!

Mavitech – Your Biggest Fan.

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23 ingenious tips for mastering customer touchpoints
The article will help you to master your strategy at every customer touchpoint so as to build customer trust and loyalty by leveraging 23 ingenious tips to hook clients at every step of online buying. You’ll find best examples and answers on what makes an outstanding customers service, how to promote your brand to the customers, how to deliver a creative unboxing experience, how to set up a winning subscription model, why it’s important to thank your customers personally, how to make personification your secret weapon for boosting sales and much more.
Tatyana Gnet
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