Trying to balance a home-based business and parenting? Operating an online retail store but fail to drive more traffic to your ecommerce website? And to crown it all, have no money to involve SEO-masters to optimize your website with proper techniques?

Then this is the right place to get started!

Building relevant link base and putting your links in the right spot on your website, incorporating correct meta tags and descriptions as well as google friendly URLs and other basic SEO gimmicks of the kind prove to be the fundamental factors promoting your website to higher search engine rankings. So if you’ve got a small marketing budget but are full of expectations for your company website to get a prominent listing on search engines, be sure to familiarize yourself with our list of free SEO blogs from digital marketing specialists who’ve already cut their teeth on best search engine optimization strategies for e-commerce.

Stop treating search engine optimization as something that you can’t handle and get into the bandwagon!



Wiep Knol, a creative link marketer as he calls himself, will surely make you delve deep into the specifics of link-building practices covering a wide range of creative tips and strategic insights from different angles. With main focus on link-building, this SEO blog seems to be the right way to grow yourself into a link-building expert.

  1. POINTBLANKSEOpoint_blank_seo_blogs

POINTBLANKSEO is another good source for link-building best practices with a far-reaching slogan promising to “empower ordinary marketers to build extraordinary links”. The blog features multiple posts on all the information needed to start building high quality link base with white-hat techniques in order to rank high in Google, Yahoo or Bing.


This one offers timeless online marketing tips for SMBs and startups, including social media marketing best practices. One of the latest posts What Marketers Can Learn from Fortune 500 Companies Mastering Instagram explores the platform’s potential for brands giving you some great insights for building your own Instagram strategy. Written in an intelligible way, this large array of sure-fire ‘how to’ guides from digital marketing experts is a piece of cake reading for laymen and business tycoons alike. What is more, you are always sure to keep close track of fresh trends.


Called by Matt Cutts “a must read” SEO blog, Search Engine Watch will certainly float your boat with their free daily news and insights into SEM and SEO. They publish tons of articles per day, thus helping you stay right up to date with the world of SMM, PPC, local SEO, analytics, content marketing, and many more. Considering it their mission to help marketers and businesses excel in a digital world and improve search performance, Search Engine Watch turns out to be a good lifesaver on the way.



Don’t miss a chance to get truly great online marketing tips from a savvy search strategist and marketing consultant, Jaison Acidre, specializing in developing scalable, creative and adaptive online marketing strategies. Born and raised in the Philippines, this nice young guy keen on SEO is the only non-American on the list. A perfect blend of design, usability and a distinct writing style is what makes the blog a real asset. Once you have managed to put his tips for SMBs into force, just email him or contact Jaison via Skype.


The Moz Blog is a hard-hitting resource for those who are no new hand at search engine optimization offering the best advice, research, how-to’s, and insights to hone your SEO and online marketing skills. Being a true mastodon in the world of SEO, the blog will bury you under the avalanche of innumerable SEO tips and tricks. Looking for free SEO tools for your site or wondering whether it’s worth publishing on Medium? Then come this way. Be one step ahead of your competitors by joining YouMoz Blog team of readers.


This one is another mastodonic hat managed to grow into a real portal for pros. Stating that SEO has never been easier for newbies and pros alike, the blog will surely assist you in learning the nuts and bolts of all SEO methods possible. The latest interviews with experts, awesome posts and Slideshare presentations are hardly everything you may find here. To gain better exposure and visibility in search engines, feel certain to get plunged into endless why’s and how’s, say Why your E-Commerce Site is Causing You Problems or How to Turn Your Site into a Conversion Machine.



If you lack effectiveness and consistency on your way to becoming SEO adept, Search Engine Guide seems to be a good option. It’s really that simple with the small business guide to search marketing. Wallowed in strong hesitation that small businesses can be just as competitive as big businesses when it comes to SEO? Then Jayson DeMers is here to assure you that SMB owners have all the chances to break onto the scene. Furthermore, the blog is a real boon to those seeking an SEO specialist or an agency but having no idea how to select one. All in all, Search Engine covers multiple points like web analytics, PR and SMM.


Strapped for a high-profile piece of content to win the hearts of your potential clients? Stop banging your head against the wall! Leave it to the professionals who already know the ropes. With its ample ideas on effortless content creation, POSITIONLY will transform you into a content guru in the twinkle of an eye! Moreover, you’ll definitely appreciate its bang-up design and exclusive style coupled with top-notch ideas for your outbound marketing strategy, like how to:

  • use forums and platforms like Quora for generating links and users herewith
  • carry out your first website audit (bear in mind you’ll have it done by pros for no less than 1,000 bucks)
  • build the semantic core for an e-commerce project


If you haven’t got the foggiest idea about long-tail keywords, we do recommend you to resort to the wordtracker service that is sure to help you find high-performing keywords in minutes. Stuck in multiple SEO trends? Unable to level up the rankings of your website? SEO know-hows of all sorts and kinds ranging from SEO learning for beginners up to SMM with easy step-by-step guides are at your complete disposal here on Wordtracker.com. We really love this search engine optimization blog and strongly advice you to dive into it.

Isn’t it that simple? Sure it’s not. BUT. Keep your fears at bay, banish your doubts! Rome wasn’t built in a day.
Don’t squander your money on the wrong man. Don’t take a shortcut buying broken backlinks from illegal link marketplaces either. Follow the path of SEO pioneers and let them infuse you with determination. This will save you heaps of money and will help you stay in sane mind. Learning SEO is downhill all the way from here.

And for dessert… a personal SEO lifehack from Mavitech

Choose the most appealing and convincing guide on the blog, follow all of its steps, measure results and log them (or simply take screenshots). Once you’ve gained the results – whatever they are – share them with the author, ask for recommendations, and… get partnership in return (a backlink or some expert advice may come out to be a nice bonus).


So if you’ve got a small marketing budget but are full of expectations for your company website to get a prominent listing on search engines, be sure to familiarize yourself with our list of free blogs from SEO-specialists who’ve already cut their teeth on best SEO strategies. Stop treating SEO as something that you can’t handle and get into the bandwagon!
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