Price Monitoring in Ecommerce:

How to make the most of it

Top 10 tools to edge out your competitors

Stalk like a pro and don’t let consumers leave your web store for lower prices with our competitor price tracking and monitoring toolkit

When deploying their marketing strategies based on the most popular marketing model, The Marketing 4Ps, that encompasses four key elements – product, place, price and promotion – the majority of retailers tend to commit costly mistake through focusing predominantly on the two of the components – place and promotion.

Given that today more and more consumers are becoming price sensitive and trying to opt for good value for the money, whereas more and more online retailers are coming up with a well-laid-out competition-based pricing strategy to get attuned to the snowballing tendency, it’s high time you pondered upon the price element of the Marketing Mix, and figured out the competitiveness of your ecommerce business.

This is where competitor price monitoring comes in.

Since spying out your competitors as well as analyzing their pricing strategies manually takes up time, and vast human (read: financial) resources, it may come out to be a hard nut to crack, and you might actually need something to take on the burden.

With this in mind we’ve put together top 10 competitor price tracking and monitoring tools that enable eCommerce businesses to stalk competitor pricing automatically in real-time, which is sure to save you tons of man-hours and ensures you are never on the sidelines.

The Toolkit:

Delivers key insights into the nature of price intelligence

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Price monitoring in eCommerce: How to make the most of it
Remain highly proactive 24/7 in today’s super competitive eCommerce landscape with our 10 best competitor price monitoring toolkit.
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