why magento

Developed as an open source ecommerce software way back in 2008, Magento caught on with small and medium-sized online businesses overnight and still remains among the top most sought-after and used online shopping platforms out there: more than 270,000 live websites built on Magento speak volumes.

It offers so many perks and innumerable prominent features that one really may find it hard to clearly define which of them exactly bring immense popularity to the platform – its powerful marketing capabilities, advanced SEO solution set, amazing extensibility, or a huge development community amounting to whopping 150,000 members.

Its incredibly rich set of out-of-the-box functionality, unmatched scalability and high flexibility turn it into a really great option for small online stores and large marketplaces alike. What makes it even more exciting is that Magento allows merchants to set up multiple stores each sharing a common codebase and backend system but having its own domain name. All in all, through delivering customizable software solution to best fulfill the retailer’s unique needs, Magento hit the mark and thereby secured an amazing niche for itself in SMB eCommerce industry.

Who we are
and why choose us

In this big, highly competitive eCommerce market with so many quotes out there you may have a hard time choosing the right service provider among hundreds of thousands of search results that Google returns in response to your “Magento developer” query.

Picking the cheapest web development company or choosing the one ranking at the top of Google search results often proves not to be an option

Cheap does not necessarily mean good when it comes to website development, inasmuch as proficient web development services can’t cost little a priori as well as the number one position in Google does not always imply high-quality services (after all, there are always well-though-out SEO strategies or even shady ones).

Unlike many other vendors, we do not blow our own trumpet trying to grab as many projects of all sorts and kinds as possible.

We value long-term relationship over immediate revenue from mass production and do like to think of ourselves as a remote partner that proactively contributes to the growth of the company that we happen to work with.

And yes, we do strongly believe there is always someone for everyone.

Having undergone a gradual evolutionary process, we eventually morphed into a Magento web development company that can now boast over 5 years of hands-on experience in Magento support and custom development.

Here’s the stories of our clients

Our work does not boil down to simple assisting businesses in fixing up whatever issues they have – we are walking with them hand in hand to considerable growth by delivering a comprehensive service that takes complete care of the client’s Magento infrastructure.

We call it 360-degree Magento support and it really is. Having developed or collaborated on over a 100 bestselling Magento extensions, having successfully been through over 50 mid to large-scale Magento projects and having done every possible Magento integration, the platform no longer holds any secrets for us as we basically know it inside out – Magento 2 not being an exception to this.

We provide:

  • All-year-round store management and online support
  • Custom solutions development
  • Full-time dedicated developers
  • Server administration
  • Qualified QA specialists
  • And many more…

Our approach

According to the individual approach we firmly stick to, our company assigns a highly-skilled project manager to every client so that you won’t have to master sophisticated technical language to communicate your requirements to developers, since it is your personal PM who will take on responsibility for getting things done down the road and the ultimate outcome of the project.

ICAgile and ScrumAlliance certified, our project managers will elaborately craft the project scope and break the project down into many isolated tasks and sub-tasks that will be displayed in the project management tool open to our clients, which will enable you to measure the progress of the project, monitor milestones passed and make sure that development is proceeding according to your expectations.

what makes us different

No outsourcing, no low-cost off-shore companies

we provide our own experienced team of professional Magento backend and frontend developers, personal QA’s and a 24/7 dedicated store manager taking care of a large array of things.

We collaborate both with small businesses and large companies as we take on different-scale projects

and implement all Magento-related tasks of any complexity, from mere debugging and maintenance of the existing websites to partial functionality overhaul to a complete website redesign.

We ensure complete transparency throughout the entire project life-cycle:

no hidden payments, no unbudgeted expenses or unintended investments – every project is meticulously scoped so that it won’t move beyond your expectations and the specified budget.

Our work doesn’t come to an end with the launch of the website

in that we keep up close collaboration with our clients through delivering further support and high-profile improvement solutions tailored to their changing needs, for long-term partnership is our top priority.

We speak the same language as you do – business language

and have a pretty good understanding of ecommerce sphere and sales processes, not only coding and database building. We also understand that timely and proper communication is key and can easily spell the difference between a successful project and a messed-up one.

No smashed deadlines, no broken promises, no neglected duties and lame excuses

we respect your time, promptly reply to all your emails and answer the phone 24/7.

on top of all

  • We are deadly honest and open at every touch point.
  • We do not hard-sell – we recommend.
  • We do not simply listen to your preferences – we hear them: if you want your theme pink – you’ll have it pink.
  • What’s more, we aren’t only proud of the stuff we’ve managed to do – we make no bones of our failures as well, since we are flat-out open to experience and are extremely passionate about sharing it with you – sometimes at the cost of missed revenue.
  • With over 20 experience Magento developers, professional project managers and trustworthy marketing & online promotions team members, you are destined to get ahead of your competition.

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