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We provide a wide spectrum of across-the-board ecommerce marketing strategies and top-notch marketing solutions geared to taking your ecommerce business to the next unprecedented level. Focusing on what makes your online store really unique and analyzing user behavior, we deliver only those strategies that work best for your business.
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ecommerce marketing strategy

No matter how many items your online store may offer, 20 or 1,000+, irrespective of whether it is a retail business or a wholesaler, it is a well-defined roadmap to online success that your business needs right now. Whatever you may need us to do for you:

  • developing a multi-channel ecommerce marketing strategy
  • working out an ecommerce marketing plan
  • branding and brand positioning
  • complex promotion and communication strategy

we tailor everything to best-fulfill your specific needs and fit your budget. We won’t let your precious marketing dollars go down the drain, since we deliver customized solutions that seamlessly bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

ecommerce email marketing

Customer database is not just a list of pretty names for sending “your order has been shipped” notifications. Rather, it is a renewable revenue resource that should be managed head-on and optimized in a proper way so that it might make a big difference to your ecommerce business. With this in mind, we build high-performing automated triggered e-mail campaigns through meticulously analyzing the user behavioral data and customizing content to every segment of subscribers.

It’s not about mere fiddling with abandoned carts. It’s about writing compelling messages that hook recipients – from welcome to win-back messages to email newsletters covering timely events and offers. No intrusive spam. No salesy content.

content marketing

Surely it’s nice for every online store to be jam-packed with all those Buy Buttons and engaging product photos. But the ugly truth is: search engines can not read images, whereas customers seek good interaction with your brand.

We create well-thought-out, readable, highly shareable content – everything from unique category and product descriptions to blog-posts and full-fledged landing pages. You can never overestimate the power of well-targeted content marketing strategy – and we are happy to construct the best one for you.


Do not bet too much on the fact that Magento is the most SEO-friendly platform out there – it doesn’t help you get the number one spot on search engines by default. You can have the most intuitive, upscale website with sleek design and all that jazz but what good is it if it doesn’t stand out from the crowd and you aren’t at least on that second page of Google?

SEO is one of the most essential parts of ecommerce marketing strategy puzzle that has little bearing on science or a well-defined action plan, since every single project or target audience requires different SEO tactics.

To that end, we can work out a unique SEO strategy attuned to your own project through finding the right SEO tools and techniques, regularly introduce changes and maximize traffic, which is sure to boost your company website’s online visibility and exposure.


Social commerce is going mainstream, more and more people are longing for interaction with people rather than brands, but you have hard time cutting through the social media noise?

Our social media experts specializing in all social networking platforms know pretty well how to gain incredibly deep outreach. We can create and tailor SMM strategy dependent on your project concept, build an unbeatable content plan – in a word, provide social media marketing services that will surely help your brand make a big splash in the media.

conversion optimization

The ultimate objective of any online store has little to do with attracting more prospects alone. Rather, it is all about converting them into loyal customers. Conversion optimization has proved to be a real pain in the neck for every online store owner, inasmuch as slick web design or call-to-action button color do not always translate into financial success. It is customers themselves and their preferences that play a pivotal role in taking purchase decisions in the long run.

We put user behavior front and center, thoroughly analyze user online activity, personalize customer experience, do full-scale testing and deliver the most rational solutions!

Loyalty and Rewards Programs

Loyal customers are always emotionally engaged customers. We create exclusive and really working ecommerce loyalty programs driven from deep customer research, that enable online store owners to reward customers for their loyalty and understand their actions. Boosted sales and increased revenue, a plethora of subscriptions, reviews and shares on social media are what you get in return.

Through delivering a comprehensive and personal online marketing approach based on solid understanding of your target audience and specifically tailored to fit your marketing needs, we ensure you’ll get the highest ROI you’ve ever had.

Get tangible results for your bottom line with Mavitech, since we know how to communicate the value of your ecommerce brand to consumers in the most favorable light ever.

No automated management programs. No single set of rules. No one-size-fits-all practices.
Only unique perspective on lucrative marketing channels.

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