The 2016 Ecommerce Holiday Promotional Calendar

Download ready-made and printable ecommerce calendar with an actionable marketing plan and tips

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Get the maximum conversion from your traffic with our downloadable printer-friendly ecommerce holiday promotional calendar.

Since holidays come faster than we usually expect it, timely planning your ecommerce holiday promotions for the peak season is sure to help you be ahead of the game once November rolls around.

Given that US retail mcommerce sales are expected to increase 43.2% in 2016 and over half of US internet users plan to shop digitally on Black Friday, it’s mission critical that you develop a well-thought-out marketing strategy that will enable you to keep your brand top of mind and generate much revenue from gift purchases.

However, inasmuch as crafting your holiday strategy as well as putting together a holiday campaign calendar on your own might be time-consuming, getting a complete marketing and promotional calendar seems to be a good option.

To that end, we’ve developed a special two-month (November and December) ecommerce holiday promotional calendar to help you stay focused on serving your customers during the height of the peak season, rather than lose time on scheduling.

This Calendar:

Includes marketing day-to-day roadmap that outlines your holiday-themed social media promotions, email promotions, advertising and sales campaigns and launches.

Encompasses unbeatable, actionable ecommerce marketing tips (for six mission-critical areas) on how to engage and market to your customers.

Highlights relevant events of the holiday season and a list of key monthly ecommerce sales dates.

Is printable, easy-to-use and visually pleasing.

Take a peek inside this offer:

2016 ecommerce holiday calendar by Mavitech

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2016 Ecommerce Holiday Promotional Calendar
Ready-made and printable Ecommerce Calendar with actionable Marketing Plan and Tips for 2016 Holiday Season.
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Mavitech LLC