Customer retention – a proven way to prevent sales disaster

Do you own a business? How do you relate with your customers? Are you trying to grab more and more new customers to make more money? Well, that is the least efficient way of growing your business. Instead of it try to focus on your old clients and a widely spread idea of customer retention. The secret is to making your business a success and retaining your customers by:

  1. Knowing what products to recommend to your customers
  2. Rewarding loyal customers
  3. Providing remarkable support to them.

Please, take a look at a classic sales funnel scheme to memorize the whole picture and each single stage.
sales funnel scheme for e-commerce

The word of mouth is very strong. Getting a wow factor from your customers feels so nice. However, if the customers are not happy with your brand they will spread the information and you end up losing all of your shoppers. Remarketing to the existing customers is a very important business principle. Apparently, many business owners are not aware of the importance neither do they have the expertise to do so.

It’s time to lay our cards on the table and show you practical instruments ans services we are currently using for our business and of cource for our clients’ businesses. Some of you’ve heard about, some are not familiar to you, but all of them are showing great results. Let the journey begin!

triggered emails

Ever heard of triggered emails services? This is a a group of services that helps you to build excellent customer retention algorithm. Basically, it gives you analytics of all your store orders and various triggers to get in touch with your costumers and also help you in:

  • Getting to know your customers by putting all your customer data from all sources in one place.
  • Finding out what your clients want, understanding their interests and eventually predicting their behavior.
  • Sending the right email at the right time since you have already predicted your customer’s interests.
  • Learning how to effectively communicate with your customers and helping to build strong connections.

If you don’t use it, start doing it immediately! Keep tracking your customers by making use of Ometria or TriggMine, Act-on, SendGrid, etc. Anytime your customer purchase an item, you can send them an email highlighting other important products related to what they purchased or thank-you email or extra bonuses, whatever you want.

reward your customers

Gifting your customers makes them addicted to your store. They will keep coming and bring in more of their friends to shop. You can easily reward your loyal customers with small gifts or bonus cards or by rewarding points. There is a special Sweettooth Magento extension, that helps you to tune how customers can earn loyalty points for purchases based on subtotals, items in their car and profit. It also help to know which products to reward points for. Sweettooth is easy to implement in your store and will help to reward and retain loyal customers.

Ever heard of the Facebook pixel?

This is a JavaScript code for your business website that helps to measure, optimize and create personalized audiences for your ad campaigns on Facebook. If you don’t have it, we strongly advise you to install it and track your customers. This will eventually gives you an opportunity to create more effective and informative Facebook campaigns. Pixel is absolutely free and you could simply implement it in any part of your website: shopping cart, landing page, special event, etc., and then track specific custom audience and show them different types of content, bonuses and even visuals.

Not literally of course, but we all know how hard is to establish good relationships with complete strangers. Nurture your customers by rewarding them and giving them support, this is proven way you can grow your business without large spending on new customers.

Customer retention - a proven way to prevent sales disaster
Do you own an online store? Costumer retention is a proven way you can grow your business without large spending on new customers.
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