E-commerce sweet little lies

When it comes to embracing technology, we also have to embrace our ignorance. The landscape in e-commerce is changing every day and what was true and real yesterday can be lies and impossible today. You may have probably seen groups that claim to have bought stores worth hundreds of dollars are they are now running a million dollar store. That’s baloney! We have to guard our interests because there are people out there who are making huge profits from our false dreams. They tell you what you want to hear, not what you actually need to hear. Let’s talk about the most common and awful industy lies.

#1 – E-commerce is easy

E-commerce is not easy and not everyone can do it best. It requires an expert for a progressive online retail growth to take place. There are skills to be learnt for an online store to succeed. Opening a store at Amazon is an easy thing, but for one to thrive you have to sweat.

#2 – E-commerce is cheap

One can say runnind an online store is cheap when compared to offline store infrastructure costs. However, there are other points to put into consideration like shipping, platform, and even experts. For instance shipping is quite expensive. Small business commerce may find it very hard to offer free shipping. They have to either increase their prices or reduce the margin. Technology is also expensive as one has to pay for the platform that he/she has chosen for the online business. Experts like business consultants, SEO specialists, developers also consume a considerable amount of money.

#3 – It is fast to BUILD AN E-COMMERCE SITE

Yes, it is true. One can start a website very fast. However, it takes some time for one to make good sales, that is, if you have an optimal online strategy. The main challenge comes when you are building e-commerce strategy. An optimal online strategy requires you to have impeccable customer service, learning from the competitors and focusing on your e-commerce business.

#4 – The more the information the more the sales

When building online strategy, this may sound like a perfect idea. However, in reality you can never give the customers too much information. A lot of information may be overwhelming to the customers and can eventually cause choice paralysis. If you want online retail growth, make it easy for customers to buy by making their choice simple. This can be achieved by offering limited but useful information.

Cross-sells are quite common with the supermarkets. One may have an aim of purchasing one commodity but comes out of the supermarket with several commodities. Every magento small business agency will tell you how good this technique is. This technique can be very good if used effectively. Amazon for instance always looks out for opportunities to cross-sell but they are quite careful to evade destructions. Have you ever heard about Barry Schwartz and his book “The Paradox of choice”? We strongly recommend you to read it!

E-commerce is popular sphere, but it is not fast easy or cheap as people often praise it. It is an expertise and people forget this. It can be magical and fascinating if done the right way. For an online retail to thrive, experts in that field should be involved for the admirable achievements to be attained.

E-commerce sweet little lies
The landscape in e-commerce is changing every day and what was true and real yesterday can be lies and impossible today. Let's talk about it!
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