How not to s**k at making videos for YouTube

The current trend around the world is that people are becoming more and more independent; opting for Do-It-Yourself methods over seeking professional help. Yet another really great trend that has caught on is the use of online videos for information. Watching a video is a really great way to learn about something and with over a billion users, Youtube is the most suсcessful example of the industry growth.

Video marketing has become such a great tool that basically everyone wants in on it. But then the production of professional visual content is a really costly affair and proves a little too difficult for small market enterprises (SMEs). DIY videos then become the best option for such businesses since they are cost effective and easy to handle.

Why to make videos and step into Video Marketing path:

  1. First of all, videos are extremely effective for maintaining an engaged audience. If the audience really enjoys your Youtube channel or content on your website, you can be sure that they will share links  which draws in more traffic, improves search rankings and ultimately increases your conversion rate.
  2. Secondly, visual content is hard to ignore. People usually browse through the web content looking for the catchy bits and bullet points. But you can’t just browse through a video and you have to watch through it all, frame by frame, espessially if you are using Chrome browser and prefer to spend your time on Facebook.
  3. Thirdly, videos inspire customer loyalty. I mean, if an individual likes your channel, he/she will always come to check if you have any recent additions. You can be their friend or expert to whom they appeal over and over again.

How to make a DIY video

As a small or medium business, you first have to get the right pitch. You don’t just go on camera and talk about issues and expected to become an internet phenomenon. Ask yourself a few questions “What is my strength? What am I doing best and what valuable knowledge I can share with my audience?”. Remember, storytelling works good.
Then a lot of preparation has to be done including the preparation of your marketing speech, location for the shoot, equipment among others.
After everything has been well prepared, you will need to keep things professional so take note of background noises and lighting conditions. Take a few shots as you prepare yourself so as to gauge the video recorders features and tweak them to your preference. After that you can make the hole story.
In the video you should avoid reciting the points as that comes off as boring so try and explain everything in a natural and clear way.
Keep your information relevant to the topic. The hard part comes during the video editing. A video editing software is necessary and you can learn about how to use it from Youtube videos. After a successful edit, post the video on Youtube, your blog, website and social media.


Video marketing is revolutionary. Yes, really! DIY videos present a cheaper and more convenient option to professional videos as they are easy to understand by non-proffessionals, they establish consumer credibility and make you an expert in your sphere. Take a look at numerous vloggers (video bloggers), motivational speakers and business consultants – they sell their products and services by making videos, tutorials, lessons and video courses. If you want to take over your competitors, video marketing could be your guardian angel.

How not to suck at making videos for YouTube
Video marketing is a great tool that basically everyone wants in on it. DIY videos become the best option for businesses since they are cost effective.
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