Social media – to be or not to be?

Whether you want to expand your audience or drive more sale and all the way down to engaging your targeted audience, social media is the right platform to achieve all this. In this new millennium, social media marketing has become part of a business whether you are running business offline or online. Years before Facebook was used as a hot tool, but now Instagram and Pinterest is also been used to nail marketing successfully.

Likewise, it isn’t enough to have a website, pay-per-click ad and email campaigns to sell goods but you need to access all the trending social media platforms to generate more profit. On the other hand, social ads are way cheaper than PPC. Furthermore, it is not only essential to sell products but also convey the right amount of information and knowledge.

You got to be kidding if your business hasn’t got any social account. It’s time to start capitalizing so that you don’t fall behind the competition. You need to accelerate the overall performance of your business in this global world by marking your presence in digital channels.

Do you know that Instagram is rolling out ads? The Snapshot grow fast and have its outdoor ad in Times Square while Facebook has launched live broadcasting. Twitter has been buzzing with tweets while uncountable pins were pinned on Pinterest. With so much going on around, you can’t eliminate your presence on all these social media channels in order to sell your product. 2016 had already begun where a new concept of business has already emerged. Paid social advertising is increasing because brands are in search to create direct revenue stream through social media channels. So most retailers had already plunged in social monetize their user base.

In a study it has been found that Facebook has an average of eight billion video views every day. This depicts that videos are more engaging than images. Likewise, video shares have been increased to 43% too. So posting recorded clips or sound bites have become an essential element too make your social media presence viral. Moreover, live broadcasting has also begun successfully. This depicts that people are more likely to engage when they instantly see what is happening.

snapchat logo squareAlmost everyone chooses a platform in accord to their interest. So brands should focus on their consumer. Elaborating it, you should research which social websites are getting more attention. Like this year Snapchat has been gaining immense popularity and now it’s has more than 200 millions users, two times more than Pinterest and LinkedIn. Businesses are nowadays experimenting with Snapshot more as it has become a must-have for brands. You cannot ignore your social media absence anymore, when your contemporaries have already reached their targeted audience to generate profits.

Lastly, you can build a strong fan following on social media platform and can respond to their queries immediately. And you can interact with your customers more directly in a candid way. From teens to all grannies, middle class to elite class all are using social media regardless of many aspects. The world has truly become a global village. Social media is becoming so active that it’s hard to predict what trends will it follow. But the growing popularity and increased social media users have forced us to rethink our marketing approach. In a nutshell, social media is a one shop stop for targeted audiences and generate revenues for businesses.

Social media - to be or not to be?
Social media is a one shop stop for targeted audiences and generate revenues for businesses. Not for you? We don't think so, take a look!
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