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Hands down, Enterprise Edition is superior to its Community counterpart in the incredibly rich set of out-of-the-box functionality, yet there is the flip side of this grandeur – its high license fee.

We can save you at least $24,000/year for the license.

Do you want to get all features exclusive to Magento premium paid version without spending big bucks on the EE license?

No brainer. We’ve developed a unique solution that is sure to be right up your alley – Magento Community to Virtual Enterprise upgrade. Don’t pass the chance of turning your pipe dream into reality!

What Is Virtual EE upgrade
all about?


We are offering Magento CE to Virtual Enterprise Edition upgrade enabling you to get all the Enterprise perks permanently without the necessity of purchasing a commercially licensed solution. Highly cost-efficient, extremely fast and incredibly customizable, our service is set to save you a bomb while bringing exclusive extra features that are destined to catapult your sales right into the stratosphere.

how we do that?


We take some trustworthy Magento extensions and integrate them into our considerable hands-on experience in custom development. There it is!

This allows us to build a 100% legit Virtual Magento Enterprise version on top of its free counterpart – Magento Community by means of incorporating Enterprise functionality to the free Community edition.

What you get in the end is a full-fledged website with upscale functionality.

the package includes:


  • Seamless data migration
  • Custom solutions development and technical audit
  • A set of handpicked, best in class, highly compatible and non-intrusive
  • Magento extensions set up and fine tuned individually
  • Unlimited expert consultations provided by the team of consul tants, system architects and project managers
  • High-profile user training Guaranteed satisfaction!

on top of that:


We migrate any data accumulated over any period of time without data loss, custom extensions being no exception;


We implement 3rd party integrations, such as CRM and ERP systems integration, with all the settings being saved as they are;


Ensure post-migration data integrity and overall system stability

It’s a Perfect Fit For:


  • B2B ecommerce companies, wholesalers and marketplaces,
  • small businesses (SMBs) and entrepreneurs,
  • medium-sized businesses seeking to cut costs,
  • big enterprises targeted at investing into growth and getting extra functionality,
  • customized online-stores with unique custom web design.

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features that you obtain
following the upgrade


Advanced Customer Segmentation and Personalization

Along with segmenting your customers by any criteria imaginable such as age or purchase history, you get the opportunity to dynamically target customers to present up-sells, cross-sells, and related products based on their specific product selections.

Automated Email Marketing Campaigns

Along with segmenting your customers by any criteria imaginable such as age or purchase history, you get the opportunity to dynamically target customers to present up-sells, cross-sells, and related products based on their specific product selections.

Customers Loyalty Program

Generate repeat purchases, build loyalty, give away gift cards and certificates, and grow a powerful army of brand advocates by means of rewards points and customer store credits. Incorporate functionality of a full-fledged CRM directly into your online store.

Smart On-site Search

As an alternative to the standard Magento search, you get a smart search system enabling your customers to find even a needle in a haystack. Keyword searching, automatic spelling correction, quality, speed and objectivity will definitely strike a chord with you.

Enhanced Website Security

Even if the zombie apocalypse comes, all the data related to your website, customers, transactions and products will be kept perfectly safe, whereas website backups will help you bring your website back in a day without having to rebuild it from scratch in case of website crash.

Return Management Authorization

Looking to streamline the return process for both customers and merchants? RMA enables customers to request a return directly from your Magento store and upload images of defective items, allows administration to track the total returns for specific products or individual returns, process several return functions, such as exchanges, refunds, and store credits.

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Is it a single payment or do I have to pay annually for the license?

The core value of the offer is that you don’t have to make regular payments for the license, rather it is a one-off payment, with our Magento Virtual Enterprise offer being at least half as expensive as the EE license annual fee.

How long does it take to upgrade the website?

This time will vary from project to project depending on its size and functionality you want incorporated, the average time being 4 to 6 weeks.

Which Magento versions can undergo this upgrade?

The migration is designed for Magento 1.9.X.

Is it possible to migrate from EE version?

Absolutely. If you are running your online business using the licensed Magento EE, we’ll help you save on the licensing fee and retain all that functionality you’re accustomed to.

Save the cost of the commercial license fee with our Magento virtual Enterprise offer!
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