Rockstars of Development & Marketing

It’s ok to need help when you’re new to the marketplace. Admitting to not having all the answers doesn’t mean you’re hopeless, it means you’re responsible. You may need guidance, you may be in over your head with your store’s basic functionality, you may want to just get started with a bang instead of wasting months and years trying to do it all yourself.

It’s just as ok to need help when you’re well-established. Admitting to not having all the answers yet doesn’t mean you’re a fraud, it means you’re wise. You may have hit a roadblock, your business may be going through a change, or you may have just simply decided you want to conquer the world.

Whatever it is, together, we got this.

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Magento support team

Your Online Business. Evolved.

So what is it you want? Make a list, bring it to us. Our team can make it happen with grace, ease and a human touch. New web store, your online presence, your business strategy are all fair game. Out there in the big world, there’s someone for everyone. With us, there’s at the very least someone for everything.

No more pain of searching for the right provider, no more hearing ridiculous excuses, no more bills for long-distance calls to South Asia. We’re solid, we’re damn good at what we do, we’re fun, and we’re at your disposal.

  •   Dedicated web dev team supporting your Magento store
  •   Marketing manager coming up with weekly promos and overall digital strategy
  •   Store manager doing day-to-day tasks and managing promo campaigns
  •   Dedicated project manager to make it all happen
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Growth Through a Comprehensive Strategy

You’ve been told that real growth took time. You’ve been told to look at how long it took a seedling to turn into a mighty sequoia or a small town to grow into a Philadelphia or a Buenos Aires.

We say, your business is neither a tree, nor an aspiring metropolis. It can grow pretty fast. We have the guts, the brains and the experience to build it for you or create a strategy that will help you grow it yourself. Way faster than your sequoia-paced competitors, too.

  •   Robust online advertising techniques including SEO & PPC
  •   Limitless capabilities for biweekly online promotions
  •   Social strategy development and implementation
  •   Unbelievable system of trigger-based targeted email interaction
  •   GUARANTEED revenue increase for our top support package
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New horizons through unrivalled opportunity

We know you’ve heard a thousand times that good things do not come with the word “cheap”.
We also know you’ve heard “It’s impossible” rejoinders at the very least a thousand times either.
And we very well know that in the right hands impossible is nothing.
That is where our expertise comes into play.

Just imagine getting high-end features exclusive to Magento Enterprise Edition without having to purchase the commercially licensed option. We are not crazy. Nor is it implausible.

  • Advanced Customer Segmentation and Personalization
  • Automated Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Customers Loyalty Program
  • Smart On-site Search
  • Enhanced Website Security
  • Return Management Authorization
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